A Movie Night with “A Walk to Remember”

As a teenage girl, I love watching “chick flicks”. Movies based on Nicholas Sparks’ novels probably the best out there. The movies have a strong plot and are always well casted. The best Nicholas Sparks film for a teenage audience is “A Walk to Remember”.

You can watch “A Walk to Remember” with your best friends or your significant other. The heavy plot is something that will touch your heart. The movie centers around two teens, Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan. They are total opposites. Landon is a trouble-maker and Jamie is the preacher’s daughter. When Landon gets in trouble with the school for a hazing incident gone wrong, he is forced to participate in an after school tutoring program and star in the school’s play. During these activities he slacks off and never puts his best into, until one day when he needs Jamie’s help learning his lines. Jamie says she’ll help him if he “promises not to fall in love” with her. When Landon is around his friends, he refuses to be friendly with Jamie and is forced to teach himself his lines. During the play, Jamie shocks the community with her great performance, especially Landon. He kisses her, which isn’t in the script.

When the play is over, Landon tries to win Jamie over but she keeps pushing him away. Jamie finally turns to Landon when his friends pull an awful prank on her. They begin to fall in love. Landon finds out that Jamie has a secret bucket list, and he is determined to make all those items happen. On one date, Landon takes Jamie to the state line where she can be in two places at once.  As their relationship got more serious, Jamie decided she had to tell Landon they scary truth she’s been hiding from him: Jamie has terminal leukemia and stopped responding to treatments years ago. Jamie grew upset when telling Landon the news saying that she was trying to live her normal life, but then she began to fall in love with him. She tells him the only reason she told him not to fall in love with her was because she “does not need a reason to be angry with God”. Landon was so upset he went to his father’s house to ask him for help. When his father says he can’t, Landon leaves very upset.

Not soon after, Jamie’s cancer gets worse was she collapses into her father’s arms and is rushed to the hospital. Landon never left her side except for when Jamie’s father had to force him to leave.  Jamie and her father share a touching moment when Landon is gone. The next day when Landon went back to the hospital, he sees Jamie being wheeled out telling Landon to thank his father for paying for in home medical care. Landon went to his father’s house again that night to thank him and ends up in his arms in tears. Throughout the rest of Jamie’s illness, Landon continues to help fulfill Jamie’s bucket list. When he is helping Jamie watch a comet with the telescope Landon made for her, Landon gets down on one knee and proposes to her. The final item on Jamie’s list was to get married in the same church as her mother, and Landon helps her fulfill that final item.

The movie ends with Landon coming back to see Jamie’s father four years after the wedding. We find out that Jamie died of leukemia the same summer she married Landon. Landon’s father shares how proud Jamie was of Landon for being the man he became. Landon apologizes to Jamie’s father for not helping Jamie cross off one item on her list: “to witness a miracle”. Jamie’s father shares, “She did. It was you.”

“A Walk to Remember” is sure to tug on your heart strings and help you realize that you have to make the best of what you have left. This movie may not be as relatable for all teens, but it is something easy for all to connect with and fall in love with. So grab your friends or your significant other and have a movie night watching “A Walk to Remember”.


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